Today, we’re excited to announce that developers can now use our Transaction Cloud for free to easily build onchain applications and experiences at scale on any EVM chain. To get started, check out our quickstart guide and set up your account here today.

Over the last year, Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud has served as foundational infrastructure for Fortune 100 companies and crypto-native startups alike—including Nike .SWOOSH, IYK, Llama, Cropxyz, Degen, and more—handling over $40M in transactions for over 1,000 developers.

Why use the Transaction Cloud?

In December, we published a deep dive on our Transaction Cloud. After years of building crypto-native products and working alongside large companies like Nike .SWOOSH to build scalable onchain experiences, we realized that forcing developers to DIY their own transaction, wallet, key, and gas management infrastructure was a massive roadblock to scale. This DIY infrastructure is non-core, drains valuable engineering time and resources, and doesn't scale to thousands (or one day millions) of transactions across many EVM chains.

Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud abstracts the complexity of managing transactions, wallets, permissioning, and more, through simple REST APIs for developers. Our Transaction Cloud supports any EVM chain and can handle 5,000+ RPS. Our goal is to radically improve the experience for both developers (DX) and their end users (UX)—making web3-powered products easier to build, grow, and use at mainstream scale.

In the last few months, Syndicate’s platform has been used to build everything from NFT minting across physical and digital platforms to complex onchain access management to high-volume Farcaster Frame transactions. What will you use it to build?

What does the Free Plan include?

With the launch of our free plan, developers will get access to the following at no cost:

  • Broadcast up to 5,000,000 transactions at 5,000+ RPS
  • Add up to 5 users
  • Add up to 2 projects and EVM chains
  • Access to Syndicate Transaction Cloud’s full suite of features, including Transaction Broadcasting, Dynamic NFT Metadata, Signing and Attestations, and Webhooks

And we’re continuously adding new features and capabilities to help developers build the onchain experiences of the future. For example, we added support for Degen Chain, which we launched last week, this week so developers on this new L3 can get access to the Transaction Cloud’s powerful tools.

Over the last year the Transaction Cloud has powered companies and projects such as Nike .SWOOSH, Llama, IYK, Degen, FWB and Optimism. More developers and teams are onboarding onto the Transaction Cloud every week—we’re excited to see our free plan support even more projects and communities.

Get started for free today

Signup for a free developer account here and check out our Getting Started guide today.

And if you’re interested in any of our premium features such as Managed Gas, L3s, or Smart Contracts, please fill out this form.