In October, we shared our renewed vision for Syndicate and web3—in this post, we'll go deeper into our Transaction Cloud and what it unlocks for web3 developers in detail.

Our Transaction Cloud radically improves the experience for developers (DX) and their end users (UX) by making web3-powered products easier to build, grow, and use at mainstream scale. Read our docs and get started in under 5 minutes here—or reach out to us at

Problems with Transaction Infrastructure Today

The process of developing, launching, and growing a web3-powered product at scale is complex and expensive. This is becoming even more difficult with the rise of L2s, Account Abstraction, and more.

Today's fragmented solutions and their gaps—in the areas of throughput, nonce management, reorg detection, transaction retries, and more—force developers to DIY their own transaction, wallet, key, and gas management infrastructure. This DIY infrastructure is non-core, drains valuable engineering time and resources, and doesn't scale to thousands (or one day millions) of transactions across many EVM chains.

Here are just a few of the many problems developers face:

  • Duplicate transactions and idempotency. Between user error, chain latency, backend resubmissions/rebroadcasting, and faulty RPC/node communication, it's easy to wind up with duplicate transactions. These lead to painful UX errors and cost gas.
  • Nonce conflicts. Nonce conflicts can cause transactions to get stuck for long periods of time, disrupting your product’s flow leading to significant UX issues.
  • Managing gas and price spikes. As gas prices fluctuate with blockspace demand, developers need to manage gas and pricing so their transactions are processed in a timely manner in all fee market conditions.
  • Dropped and failed transactions. Transactions can fail or drop due to insufficient gas, network congestion, or contract execution errors. If your product is unable to execute transactions for any of these reasons and more, you'll lose users.
  • Chain reorgs. Chain reorgs sound scary, and they're surprisingly common on a number of major L2 chains (sometimes after over 100+ blocks!). When consensus shifts to a longer chain, your product might have to roll back many user actions.
  • Throughput bottlenecks. If your product is submitting a very high volume of transactions, you'll quickly run into throughput bottlenecks that slow down your product’s speed and ability to process transactions.
  • Real-time transaction monitoring and alerts. When building a modern web3 product, it's vital to track transactions from submission to confirmation in real-time while managing any errors and retries along the way.
  • Supporting new EVM chains. In a world with thousands of EVM chains and rollups, managing how your product can easily support and function across them to enable seamless cross and multi-chain experiences for your users is a herculean and expensive problem.

And many more. Web3 is constantly evolving, with new chains, standards, and development patterns being added every week. The problems with making and managing transactions in web3 will only get more complex over time, not less. This is what our Transaction Cloud is designed to help solve—now and over time as things evolve.

Whether you're a brand launching a new loyalty platform to millions of customers, a game minting in-game items, or a social app writing onchain metadata—don't risk a failed launch or buggy UX that loses customers. We'll make sure your transactions get onchain at the throughput, speed, and way you want them. Just fire and forget. We’ll take care of the rest.

Syndicate's Transaction Cloud: The Easiest Way to Manage Transactions at Scale in Web3

Our Transaction Cloud addresses all of the challenges above and more. It abstracts the complexities of writing to blockchains through simple HTTP REST APIs—enabling developers to manage the entire transaction lifecycle with unprecedented ease and scale. It simplifies the convoluted process of onchain transactions, making building your product intuitive and powerful.

  • Simple REST APIs at 5,000+ Requests Per Second. Simple fire-and-forget HTTP APIs without the need to manage private keys, wallets, or gas with enterprise-scale throughput. Integrate transactions into your product with one line of code. A single integration point simplifies the development process, while the high request-per-second rate ensures scalability for your user base. We get your transactions onchain reliably, with maximum speed and certainty.
  • Nonce Management and Idempotency. Ensure your transactions are unique and executed in order, prevent double spends, and streamline the transaction process. Never deal with the complexities of transaction ordering, and save valuable engineering time and resources for more critical development tasks.
  • Dropped/Reorg Detection and Auto-Resubmission. Never worry about dropped transactions and chain reorgs again. In the event of a failure, our system automatically retries transactions, ensuring they get through without manual intervention. This means less maintenance and monitoring of transaction states, and more focus on new features and product reliability.
  • Horizontally-Scalable Transaction Wallets. Auto-scaling broadcasting wallets to get your transactions onchain fast with zero bottlenecks. We use a distributed system of wallets to manage high transaction volumes, ensuring consistent performance even under heavy load. This automatic scalability means developers can trust our platform to handle their growth without the need to re-architect their transaction handling.
  • Auto-Managed Gas with USD billing. Our system automatically handles gas so you don't have to manage it manually. Streamline your operations and let us handle gas spikes/fluctuations and the accounting challenges with crypto-assets. We handle the gas logistics—ensuring smooth transaction execution while freeing you from the complications of gas management, tax, and accounting.
  • Real-Time Transaction Lifecycle Management. We provide real-time updates on transactions’ statuses from initiation to confirmation—complete with alerts for any anomalies. This feature gives developers peace of mind and insights into the entire transaction process, enabling better support and service to their users.
  • Cross-Chain Signing and Attestations. Our platform supports seamless interactions across different blockchains, with secure EIP-712 signing mechanisms that ensure integrity and non-repudiation. Developers can expand their products’ reach across multiple chains without dealing with the complexity of each chain's security requirements. Attest to data with signatures for onchain lookups or update allowlists gaslessly with signature verification.
  • Onchain (L2) and Off-chain (IPFS) NFT Metadata. Choose to store your metadata on a faster, scalable Layer 2 or decentralized storage solution like IPFS, with the ability to update dynamically. This provides developers flexibility and control over their products’ NFT assets, ensuring that they can scale and update their offerings as needed without compromising on performance or security.

The Next Wave of Web3

The next wave of web3 will reach mainstream adoption, and these products will be built differently than those of the last cycle. New user experiences—not just for crypto natives but for everyone—will require new and vastly different transaction infrastructure.

Syndicate is building infrastructure to help abstract web3’s complexity so developers can spend less time managing web3 infrastructure and more time building exceptional end-to-end experiences for their customers. Our goal is to radically improve the experience for both developers (DX) and their end users (UX)—making web3-powered products easier to build, grow, and use at mainstream scale.

  • 10x Easier and Faster Shipping. Accelerate your development with our streamlined APIs and reliable Transaction Cloud. Deploy market-ready products in days rather than weeks. Integrate new EVM chains into existing products with minimal disruption.
  • Mainstream Scale Products. With Syndicate, throughput is not a concern. Reach large user bases, whether they are onchain or not. Our Transaction Cloud ensures that your product remains responsive and efficient—whether you're bringing the next 10 million users onchain or bringing onchain to your 10 million users.
  • Complex Automations and Integrations. Our platform brings the agility of web2 to the web3 space, with robust automations and integrations that simplify complex processes. Developers can create sophisticated loyalty programs, automated social profile systems, and integrate web3 into traditional services like retail and entertainment—opening up a world of possibilities for innovation and new user experiences.
  • Seamless Cross and Multi-Chain Experiences. Let thousands of chains bloom and meet your users where they are by enabling powerful cross and multi-chain experiences. This capability ensures that developers can build products that operate fluidly across different EVM chains, enabling features like multi-chain transfers or chain-agnostic NFT marketplaces. It's about giving users a seamless, consistent, uninterrupted experience no matter what chain they're interacting with.
  • New-to-World User Experiences and Interactions. Syndicate's Transaction Cloud is not just a tool—it's a platform for innovation. With the heavy lifting managed by our infrastructure, developers are free to dream and execute groundbreaking, new-to-world web3 experiences. Whether it's pioneering new forms of digital ownership or creating interactive, decentralized gaming worlds—the possibilities are limitless. What will you build for people and businesses with these new powers?

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Vision

Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud not only offers a seamless way for getting transactions onchain, but it also dramatically simplifies and transforms transaction lifecycle management.

Syndicate's APIs are the simplest method for executing onchain transactions for your product, saving developers significant engineering time and money on non-core tasks. Get started building with Syndicate today, and let's build the next wave of web3 products together.