Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Degen Chain, an ultra-low-cost L3 for the Degen community built with Arbitrum Orbit, Base for settlement, and AnyTrust for data availability. The chain’s native gas token is $DEGEN, making it one of the first community tokens with its own L3.

Syndicate is thrilled to be the L3 infrastructure partner for Degen Chain—we worked with providers like Conduit for the rollup, Decent for the bridge, Airstack for data APIs, and more to be shared soon.

In just the last month, Syndicate and its partners have pushed forward the world of EVM L3s. With Syndicate’s Frame L3 for Farcaster Frame developers, Gold L3 for games like Cropxyz, and now Degen L3 for the Degen community, we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible with ultra low-cost, scalable L3s.

What is Degen?

Degen launched in January 2024 to the Degen channel community on Farcaster. By distributing the token among builders, content creators, and users, Degen has reshaped the Farcaster ecosystem by enabling Casters to reward others with $DEGEN for posting quality content. So far, there are 53K holders and over 553K $DEGEN transactions (and rapidly growing).

How is this different from other L3s?

Degen Chain is one of the first L3s built specifically for a community and its token, enabling new experiments with tipping, community rewards, payments, gaming, and much more. $DEGEN is also the native gas token of the chain, creating exciting opportunities for the community to pioneer new experiences, applications, and mechanisms between the token and the L3 it powers.

The Degen and Syndicate teams are excited to support all builders on Degen Chain with Syndicate’s developer tools like our Transaction Cloud APIs that offer free gas for developers on Degen Chain.

What are the details for Degen Chain?

Network Name Degen
Description The public Layer 3 rollup chain for Degen. Built on Arbitrum Orbit, Base for settlement, and AnyTrust DA
RPC Endpoint
Chain ID 666666666
Currency Symbol DEGEN
Block Explorer

How can I build on Degen Chain (or launch my own L3)?

If you’re interested in using Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud to build on Degen Chain—or create fast, scalable applications across the EVM—see our documentation or sign up for our free plan (up to 5M transaction requests and free gas on Degen Chain—just reach out to us). You can also find us on X (Degen, Syndicate) and Warpcast (Degen, Syndicate).

If you’re interested in launching an L3 and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible onchain, tell us more and we’ll be in touch shortly!