Today, we’re excited to announce Syndicate Frame Chain: an OP Stack L3 on Base with Celestia underneath unlocking high throughput and extremely low gas costs for Frame developers. Gas on Syndicate Frame Chain is free for all developers when using the Syndicate Frame API

This means unlimited, uncapped experimentation for Frame developers. Try this Frame built on Syndicate Frame API and Syndicate Frame Chain—see how much gas you can save using Syndicate Frame Chain. All contract deployments, NFT mints, and token transfers cost less than one millionth of a penny.*

Why a Frame Chain?

Two weeks ago, we announced Syndicate Frame API and our commitment to helping developers build scalable, reliable Frames as quickly as possible. Here are just a few of the many Frames built on Syndicate Frame API by 50+ developers handling 350K+ transactions so far:

Though Syndicate’s APIs powered by our Transaction Cloud excel at high volume use cases, once your app gets big enough, you still reach the limits of available blockspace—as only so many transactions can fit in a given block.

Additionally, L2 gas costs can still be an issue—whether you’re a Fortune 100 trying to bring tens of millions of users onchain or a solo developer launching a new viral experiment. Especially for viral apps like Frames, gas costs can become prohibitive to growing a project you’ve worked hard to launch.

A low-cost L3 for Frames allows developers to build bigger, faster, more reliable Frames—pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today by unlocking uncapped experimentation and innovation.

An Experiment to Enable More Experiments

Syndicate Frame Chain is an experiment to explore a simple question: what happens when we provide developers with exponentially more blockspace and reduce gas costs to near zero for a specific ecosystem and use case?

Our imagination—and the creativity of the Farcaster/Frames community—makes us excited to see what comes from giving the Frames ecosystem its own chain alongside a high-throughput, dedicated API and free gas. Where it goes from here is up to you.

To get started with the Syndicate Frame API on Syndicate Frame Chain visit

Here are the Syndicate Frame Chain details:

*Note: Costs are estimated based on initial transactions, actual numbers may vary